Creatives & Cognitive Disinhibition

Friday, January 31, 2014 - 13:43

I often see things differently than the "non-creatives" around me. I can see potential in the seemingly mundane and the garbage around us. How about you? Check out this article on Fast Company that asserts that "weirdos" and creative people often live with Cognitive Disinhibition (or: "the failure to ignore information that is irrelevant to current goals or to survival." In other words, it's allowing for more info to come in than seems immediately beneficial.) which leads to more creative ideas.

It seems that the key to creative cognition is opening up the flood gates and letting in as much information as possible (Cognitive Disinhibition). Because you never know: sometimes the most bizarre associations can turn into the most productively creative ideas (




(Image: Cristiano Del Riccio